Meet Simon Doyle. He’s a driven 23 year old hairstylist hailing in from Dublin, Ireland running a fully booked column daily in AREA Studio, Melbourne. Simon developed his interest in visuals from a young age when he studied design at art college. He consistently wanted to express himself, which led him to the hair industry.

He began his journey in hair in 2016 & has since then formulated his own skillset and unique style. Simon has lived abroad and traveled Europe building a name for himself before making the jump to Melbourne!

Since his move to Australia, He has been working in the education space with AREA Academy sharing his value, knowledge, experience and unique story to help motivate, inspire & collaborate with others.

Simon has hosted classes in Melbourne, Gold Coast and was on stage at Hair Festival in Sydney.
He loves to focus on longer mens lengths, creative haircuts and hair/fashion photoshoots.

“For me, it’s about the overall story someone is trying to tell the world in the medium Art, Fashion, Hair or Design. I want to inspire, motivate and help others in their journey of life - not just hair.”

Check out his work on instagram @simondoylehair