Beard Maintenance

Looking for the Best Beard Barber in Melbourne?

Beard trim into side fade

Look no further. Area Studio Barber Shop is an award-winning barber offering a variety of beard trimming and treatment services to keep your stubble and ‘stache looking nothing short of exceptional. Drop in for an appointment and we can trim your facial hair on its own or combine it with a haircut and style for a completely fresh look. We take into account your individual style, hair type, preferences and more to help you choose the style that suits you perfectly. Every beard is unique, and we’ll give yours the care it needs to look its best.  

Choose an experienced beard barber for full peace of mind

With beards coming further into the trend and a variety of styles evolving by the day, you’ll see plenty of run-of-the-mill barbers adding a beard trimming service to their blackboard. That means it’s more important than ever to choose a team that understands the way of the beard, back to front. For anything from traditional styles to more contemporary scaping, Area Studio is Melbourne’s beard barber of choice.

Beard trim

We’ll take a look at your facial structure, hair growth patterns and beard type before providing a fully personalised trim and shape with a straight razor finish where required.

Beard trim with a clipper cut

If you need the top done too, our beard and clipper cut combines a beard trim with a fade on the sides and back. We’ll tailor the style to your preference, but this service does not include scissor work or full restyles.

Beard trim with a haircut

If you’re looking for a new style on top or a bit of scissor work, we can provide a full hair and beard consultation personalised to your needs, including tapers, texturising and anything in between. After we’ve dried and styled your hair, we’ll guide you on how to get the same look when you leave the house every morning.

Beard trim with a haircut, wash and hot towel

This is the Lamborghini of our beard barber services: truly the best for your chin music. Come in for a beard trim and haircut and we’ll also treat your whiskers to a cleansing shampoo and nourishing conditioner, both of which are applied at the basin. We then finish with a hot towel infused with essential oils to soothe and relax the skin before blow drying and styling.

All services come with optional extras including hot towel, bay rum, beard oil, balm, moisturiser and a complimentary drink.

Book an appointment with one of our dedicated barbers

Make an appointment with an Area Studio beard barber in Melbourne by booking online or calling us direct on (03) 9329 1092. You can also send written enquiries through to us via our online contact form.