AREA Academy was created by the core team of multi-award winning salon - AREA Studio. 

At AREA Academy our vision is to introduce students of all skill levels to the latest methods of modern mens haircutting in a simplified yet technically effective way. Each & every course will be planned & tailored to the group attending. Making sure we meet each individuals educational needs whether the student is of a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. We do this by committing to getting to know & understand our students through pre course assessments & post course evaluations. As well as working with smaller groups of students to make sure each individual has been given the full attention of our Educators.

Facilitating to each different type of learner is of the upmost importance for us, therefore all our workshops & classes include the 3 primary elements of learning. Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetics. Seeing, hearing & doing. Our aim is to share with students our mindset & thought process when approaching a contemporary mens haircut or style with both the highest level of barbering & hairdressing skills combined. Going through the full process from consultation to execution, breaking down the how & why behind what we do.

Ultimately our mission is to empower our students in their personal development journey by sharing key information that has helped us in ours. This will strengthen their own technical & interpersonal skills so that they can have confidence in sustaining a successful career in our industry.



Our education team consists of some of the Australia’s if not the World’s best men’s hairstylists, platform artists & educators who have travelled the globe working with some of the biggest mens grooming brands such as Andis & Osaka Scissors.
Each member of the team offers a unique individual style that will showcase diversity within all of our workshops. We understand & embrace individuality & strive to bring out each of our students creativity in the most organic way possible.



Eoin McCarthy - Head of Education

Leigh Winsor - Educator

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