“CREATE” - Editorial Workshop: American Crew All Star Challenge



- Your American Crew All Star Challenge Entry With Us!


Have you ever wanted to enter the American Crew All Star Challenge but don’t know how or where to start? If you just answered yes, not to worry - we are here to help you create an entry worthy of winning! 

This April, in collaboration with our team photographer Sean Higgins (@shotography), Area Academy have designed a very unique editorial-style workshop. We want to give 8 students an experience that we wish we could have had when starting off in the editorial side of the industry. 

This experience will firstly allow students the opportunity to watch us CREATE & Shoot our entries for the ASC, but will then allow them to put their creativity to the test & CREATE & Shoot their own! This day will follow a similar structure to a regular academy workshop, only this time you will walk away with a full entry ready to be submitted to the American Crew All Star Challenge! 

Prior to the day we will request you to fill out a pre assessment - from there we will help you mood board & screen models. During the day we will give you our best tips on how to create your look. Covering everything from the initial vision to the breakdown of technique. We want to help you to achieve something special!

Post workshop, we will give you guidance & advice on choosing your final images to be edited by Sean, as well as helping you with the written side of your submission. This will set you up perfectly to meet the competition deadline of May 15th. You will additionally receive all raw photos of your model, so you can use them all at your own discretion. 

If this sounds like something that appeals to you - reach out! We would love for you to join us on this day of passion & creativity! 

To find out more about the American Crew All Star Challenge follow this link - https://allstarchallenge.americancrew.com/#undefined

(Disclaimer: We live in a subjective world. This workshop will not guarantee a finalist or winning result in the American Crew All Star Challenge - however it will give you a bloody good chance! Area Academy & Sean Higgins will take no responsibility in entries that fail to become finalist, but we will do our best to ensure everyone’s best interests)