“CONC3PT” Course by AREA Academy - Mid length men’s scissor & razor work.


Introducing our first “CONC3PT” course by AREA Academy - Mid length men’s scissor & razor work. 

Melbourne - Sunday February 28th

Our concept courses are 1 day extensive workshops specifically designed around a particular concept or topic within men’s haircutting. We will be offering these classes with the goal of enhancing stylists growth & understanding of a particular area within their own skillset. 

Whether it’s men’s scissor work, fading, longer men’s hair, Asian or Afro hair - we got you! Our aim is to give you a new perspective & provide you with the formulas to help you progress to the next level of your career in the most effective & efficient way possible. 

Why is there a “3” in CONC3PT? Facilitating to each different type of learner is of the upmost importance for us, therefore all our workshops & classes will include the 3 primary elements of learning. Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetics. Seeing, hearing & doing.

Open to Hairdressers & Barbers of all levels. 


  • 8 Students 


  • $500 p/p (AfterPay Available) 


What this workshop entails:


  • Pre Assessments 
  • A Personalised Digital Lecture
  • X2 Live Demonstrations 
  • Practical Session
  • Post Evaluation 
  • Certificate of Completion 
Location: 257 Franklin Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000